Migraine packs. 

After many years I have stumbled across a little concoction of medications that almost always kills a migraine if I take it at the right time. Taking it at the right time is of course half the battle. It’s so very easy to fall into the trap of “waiting and seeing” then by the time you take the medication it’s too late. You haven’t saved money, side effects or embarrassment by waiting to take the meds. You’ve just made things worse.

Anyway I always carry meds with me, an assortment of them, and they always lived in this:

Appropriate, no?

Prior to stumbling onto my magic concoction, this “roar case” was stuffed to the brim with various sheets or cuts of medication that may or may not have worked. Once I got my concoction together it got a little neater, but I then experienced having to painfully instruct my boyfriend through which three medications to find, pop and hand to me. So to help him, and myself, I decided to make “migraine packs”. Like so:

Handy, but suspicious to some I’m sure. 

As you can see, this convenient for me and my boyfriend, but might be hard to manage if I get frisked at an airport for instance. So I was excited today to find these little pill poppers:

They’re called GoTubbs

These are really neat. They store each bundle of meds in a neat, sealed environment AND they have a one hand quick open feature where you just squeeze the sides and it pops. Handy if I’m curled up in the fetal position in bed.



This is the packaging if anyone is interested in hunting them down:

Take care everyone!


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