Update to My Story

It has been over 8 months since my last post and some things have changed.

  • I am now off my preventative and will be only returning if my migraines become frequent again. If I do return to a preventative, I will be trying a new one as Amitriptyline left me very drousy. This side effect only worsened over time and became intolerable. My current preventative measures are all lifestyle based. I am not perfect and don’t always get it right, but do my best. Amitriptyline was still a huge miracle for me as it worked to ‘reset’ my body to a migraine free state, from which to build a healthier life. I would resort to it again in future if other preventatives were not as effective.
  • My new migraine attack drug of choice is Imigran FDT which is a sumatriptan in a fast dissolving form. I originally found Imigran too slow to work, requiring me to lay down for up to two hours which was completely impractical (I work full time). So was using Maxalt instead (a rizatriptan). However I then found that with Maxalt it would wear off fairly quickly meaning I had to redose. Then my doc discovered that they had developed Imigran FDT which means “fast dissolving tablet”. It works very quickly and effectively for me, with no side effects.

My up to date treatment summary can be found on the “My Story” tab.

The original post regarding my treatments (now out of date) can be found here.

I am going to be very actively blogging from now. Migraine and headache are so vastly misunderstood I want to do something, anything, to raise awareness and support sufferers.


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